Statues on fire (Punk Rock/HC from Sau Paulo, Brasil) + The Night (KISS in asozial, Germany)

Andre Alves and lalo played at Nitrominds, Hardcore Punk Rock Band from Santo Andre, São Paulo, Brazil for long 18 years, Nitrominds hit the road many times, 14 international tours around the globe, many shows in Brazil also, they got some kind of respect and popularity and did many shows at National tv, MTV, of the most known band in their country.
Andre was still with Nitrominds he formed a side-project with Derrick Green of Sepultura, in 2008, named Musica Diablo, mix of punk with Thrash Metal, well, they got a deal with Waner Music Germany and hit the Road. Before record the debut álbum they needed a second Guitar, it was when Andre Alves found Andre Curci.

After 18 years playing all over places, Andre decide to retire.

“ when i formed Musica Diablo, i already had in mind to quit Nitrominds, but we had lots of contracts and shows to do it, so, i stand for some more years, Musica Diablo was something get
rid off my stress of playing in a band who leaded myself to a lot of work and Stress, but having the lead singer of Sepultura turned out a nightmare, more and more things to do and shows to do it.”

January 2012 Andre Alves quit both bands, stopped playing guitar for 1 year and kept going with his carrer as tour manager.

“Andre Curci was the one to said to me back on tracks once again, i thought i would never had a band once again”

October 2012 Statues on fire has started, lalo ex-Nitrominds was add on it and they found Alex from Kacttus for drums.

2013 and they have a debut álbum called “ Phoenix” with release date in April and 12 booked shows in Germany, Austria and Holland.

Link: Statues on fire’s stream on SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds 
Link: Statues on Fire

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