Freitag 28.11.2014 Release-Show von der 7“ I’m not a monkey!

Batman &Thee Garagekid (Garage/Rock’n’Roll/Punk aus Gotham City)
We don't know what happened to Robin. I guess he just got sick of Batman’s jokes. Batman found another loser, its Thee Garagekid from Monaco die Bavarie. The genre remained the same: Artpunk. Kind of.... It's a sick mixture between garagepunk and comedy. Nuff said!
Batman had several singles with Robin, a legendary trilogy between madness and comedy, between Garagepunk and No-Fi. All of them are sold out and OOP, and of course collectors items. He didn't treat Robin nice. So Robin ran away. Their way parted, and Batman did some singles on his own. Lonely times are gone, he found a new partner in crime, none less than Garagekid himself. Thee kid also has some classic 45 releases under his belt. What a perfect match. Together they re-define no-budget rock.

Speedy and The Fuck Offs (Motorpunk-Rawk aus der Schweiz)

„Speedy and the Fuck Offs have been working the gears of their sound for the last decade, polishing the raw bits without taking the growl out of their low-down motorpunk-rawk.
"Speed Up No Remorse" is the testament of this time, a wild-ass party on four wheels driven by three loons, ready to always race the tracks at high volume - and high velocity!
So get your own rack ready and shift up, 'cause this ain't the end of the line! New things are already waiting in the garage... hot like petrol leaking from a tailpipe, ready to blast your heat!!
You been told!“ (IDONMINE, 2012)

+ Aftershow Party mit den Laser Mutants (Garage/Rock’n‘Roll aus Feldkirch) als DJ‘s an den Turntables

Wann: Freitag, 28. November, Einlaß 19:00, Beginn 20:00 Uhr 
Eintritt: € 8
Wo: Im Beisl des ProKonTra 
Autonomes Kommunikations-, Kultur-, Kunst- und Bildungszentrum c/o Kulturverein Transmitter
Kaiser Franz Josef Str. 29
A-6845 Hohenems

Link: ProKonTra – Autonomes Zentrum

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